POWERing a Sustainable Future 

AAM was founded on the principles of operational excellence. It is in our DNA to strive for the highest levels of teamwork, responsibility, continuous improvement, shareholder value creation, community involvement and respect for the environment. In line with our vision, we are committed to POWERing a more sustainable future that is safer, greener and more inclusive for our Associates, customers, communities, stakeholders and the environment.



Sustainability Priority Topics

At AAM, we are focused on driving continuous improvement in the sustainability areas most important to our company, our stakeholders and our communities. AAM’s ten most important topics in the areas of Environmental, Social, Product, Supply Chain and Governance are aligned with our business operations and strategy. These topics are the focus of our leadership and our global workforce to drive performance in these areas. We actively review and update our goals and progress in these key areas, ensuring they reflect our current business profile, industry norms and stakeholder expectations.




POWERing a Greener Future

At AAM, achieving profitable growth is important to us. Doing so sustainably is of equal importance. In our view, striving for operational excellence must include a commitment to building a safer, greener and more sustainable future.

As part of our commitment to a greener world, our AAM environmental policy states that we are dedicated to the conservation and protection of the environment as an integral part of our global operations. This policy also reaffirms our commitment to ensuring a more sustainable future through social responsibility, global compliance, and the reduction of our overall carbon footprint.




POWERing an Inclusive Future

As we work to create a brighter and more sustainable future, our Associates must always be at the forefront of our efforts. We are committed to doing all that we can to ensure a safe, healthy, diverse, and equitable workplace where our Associates feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work each and every day.

In 2021, we made a commitment to do more than ever before to build the company, community, and world we wish to see. We have implemented a series of internal and external initiatives that are the first steps in our ongoing path towards a better AAM, a better community and a better future.



POWERing a Cleaner Future

It's clear that the future of the automotive industry is electric.

AAM’s EV technology leverages our experience with industry-leading driveline systems and our expertise in power density, torque transfer, noise-vibration-harshness reduction, heat management and systems integration. Our technologies are already setting new benchmarks for quality and performance and have been exceeding expectations when it comes to power density and target weight – both critical elements for EVs.

The AAM product portfolio includes Electric Drive units for hybrid and electric vehicles as well as components and subassemblies to complement electric motors including gearboxes, differential assemblies, vibration control systems, electronic limited slip differentials and helical gears.






Supply Chain
Powering a Diverse Future

AAM is committed to aligning with best-in-class suppliers around the globe for value-added ideas, materials and products to help us meet and exceed customer expectations.

As we work to build a better future, we strive to create and maintain relationships with companies that share our vision, values and commitment to sustainability and diversity. We are committed to ensuring that our supply chain is doing all that it can to POWER us all towards a safer, greener and more inclusive future.



POWERing a Responsible Future

We believe that we must do what is right to remain successful and strive to create a culture of integrity and responsibility that is reflected at all levels of our company – from our Board of Directors to each of our 18,000 Associates around the world.

We are committed to cooperating with all stakeholders for mutual benefit and are committed to accountability and transparency in the measurement and reporting of all key business, financial, and sustainability performance metrics.





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